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    Existing Class Redux ; Diversification ideas.



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    Existing Class Redux ; Diversification ideas.

    Post  Ranylyn on Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:41 pm

    Basically, too many classes just have the same spellsets, etc. This thread is a collection of my "brain droppings," to quote George Carlin. I make no promise that these will be good, just that they will be different and interesting. Am I actually expecting any of these to see legitimate use? Not particularly, but you never know.

    I'll periodically come back with more.

    Lunarian: Considering Lunarians are presently one of the weaker classes by a longshot, and are mainly only played for spiritwave (Sing gives the same buff at level 1 + way more,) it might be interesting to diversify them slightly. Here's what I've come up with:

    Lunar Runes (New Inheritance)
    Bless (reworked to give Mana, not just 18 MP.)

    Lunar Runes: Lunar Runes is a very varied spell list where the spells are not learned via level up, but through collecting, much like Normal Summons (to an extent) or Tools. These Runestones cannot be found in stores. Monsters are drawn to their magic, however, and often hoard them. (Distribute them at bosses, power through story progression.)

    Sample "Unique" Lunar Spells (Besides the standard heal/damage:)
    *Note: Because of the moon theme, Lunarians might be best limited to just Light and Dark attacks.

    Recall: Returns one ally's soul to their body. 1 HP raise. (Good for use with abilities like Dsscord)
    Escape: Exits the current town/ dungeon instantly. (For example, casting Escape on Ordeals would warp you to the base instead of Mysidia)
    Mark: Places a personal beacon for future use.
    Return: Warp to your beacon. Beacon is deleted after use.
    Planeshift: On the field map, this allows the Lunarian to avoid encounters for 10 steps. (Might not sound like much but can be recast; much faster than teleporting.)In battle, the user is placed in a state of complete invincibility for 2 turns but also cannot take action until becoming corporeal again.

    If the above interests the staff, I can compile an entire list of ideas. This is just a sample.

    Hero:I was thinking that it might be awesome to make it more MQ-like. Replace the "Attack" command with "Armaments" and remove any normal weapons it can currently hold. The Hero would buy it's weapons from MQ like normal classes, but the weapons are then added to Armaments. Each weapon also follows a trend in stats, as well. For example, a Sword raises Agi, while a Claw raises Wis. Each superior weapon replaces the old one of that type (Dragon CLaw replaces Charm Claw, etc) limiting Armaments to just 4 weapons, unless we decide to add armor that way (mainly for buffs) or more weapon types.

    Magic Knight: Okay okay, so I know the MK basically just got a rework. And I know this idea is obsolete to an extent due to the Blacksmith. But I meant to post this awhile back when I couldn't access the forums from my step niece's netbook while my computer was dead, so I figured, hey, there's still some good ideas in here that can be pieced together....

    Basically, I was thinking of magic Magic Sword more like the existing Forge in the sense that you cast it once to activate it and boom. But I wasn't going to give them an elemental emphasis...

    Enchant (New MgcSwd, it's a sin to put 6 consonants back to back)

    Enchant: Rather than focus more on elements, enchant focuses more on added effects. Let's face it, the terrible accuracy on ailments like poison and sleep makes them not even worth using a lot of the time. Allowing your every attack to have a good chance might finally get some use out of ailments. It would also, obviously, still include Drain and Asper. Also of note, a second enchantment overrides the first.

    Mastery: If you were worried about Enchant losing MgcSwd's spread effect, look no further. Mastery is a small collection of non elemental combat skills that can be used with Enchant or Forge to great effect. Mastery contains skills like Sweep, which lets a normal attack hit all enemies, 2x Attack, and other decent combat based attacks.

    (It would also be nice to have a class that can pass Mastery on, as well, since a lot of current inherited physical skills are either single target (Darkside, jump, etc) random and not reliable for multi target (Kendo, for example) have too many drawbacks (Fiend overwrites slot 1 for it's attacks, and slot 1 is usually a class's unique inherent ability, heh....) or simply don't use your weapon's traits at all (Such as Weapon, Subweapon, Tools, etc.) I was thinking that perhaps Openfire on Pirates could be replaced with Mastery, so long as we have a 4x attack skill in the finished list.)

    Dancer: Kinda silly, but we could stand to introduce a kicking weapon, and where else to start but with the lords of fancy footwork? Playing an instrument at an enemy isn't as dance-y as twirling over and kicking them in the face with a leaping pirouette, you know? (This would also make more sense on Chocobos than the Monk Claws.)

    Reaver: I'm only suggesting this because their skill list only has 5 and it looks uneven and unfinished: They could stand to learn ONE new ability to make it an even 6. Here's a few ideas.

    Equilibrium: TO further play with the perpetually shifting HP game, Equilibrium averages out the party's HP and MP percentages to a set middle ground. For example, if you had 3 people who averaged out to 80% MP and 20% HP, Equilibrium would average it out to more like 50/50. This isn't actually very good, but it could function as an MP battery in a party with a good healer but no MP management skills, as well as an emergency response to help the party after, say, Archi's Nuke, or Zantetsuken.

    Aura of Pain: This one is a bit more Reaver-Like (Based on a Reaver Ability in Dragon Age: Origins, in fact) but could be considered Wildly OP until you look at the downside. Every turn, the Reaver loses 20% of it's Max HP. The upside is that all enemies take heavy damage every turn (when the reaver's turn comes around; it still gets to gake other actions, potentially doubling it's damage output) while the aura is active. A reaver can easily sustain this with Sanguine/Infernal, but it also prohibits the use of Unholy Sacrifice (due to the 1 HP issue) and would also spell instant death in many scenarios, like the aforementioned Nuke or Zantetsuken.

    I'll post more later. I have to entertain some guests soon.

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